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Microsoft Shows off First ARM Laptop with Microsoft Pluton Device Security Architecture

Microsoft announced at MWC 2022 the next Microsoft Pluton device.

Meet the Lenovo ThinkPad X13, built with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 and the first ARM platform for Windows that is built on the Microsoft Pluton security architecture.

Lenovo themselves say that the ThinkPad X13s is a “smartphone experience” in laptop phorm, offering multi-day battery life, WiFi 6E and optional 5G mmWave.

Take a good look, because odds are your company will make you use this new ThinkPad X13s the next time you need to upgrade.

The laptop is also a certified secure-core PC, using the best security tools for Windows 11 straight out of the box.

What is Pluton though?

“Pluton is at the center of the security capabilities for Windows 11 providing protection in the boot, identity, credential protection and encryption processes. Pluton also supports chip-to-cloud zero trust using the Azure Attestation Service with Intune,” says Microsoft.

Microsoft Pluton is the security processor architecture designed to store sensitive data (think encryption keys) into hardware integrated into a device’s CPU.

“This makes access more difficult for attackers, even if they have physical possession of a device,” explains Microsoft.

You can read more about Pluton and what it does to reduce malware and enhance Windows 11 security here

As for the ThinkPad X13s, it does have some more interesting and unique security features. Not only it complies with US Department of Defense’s MIL-STD 810H rugged standards but it also has a unique camera.  

“A communications bar boasts an enhanced camera option that enables AI Computer-Vision technology including always-on user detection, attention-tracking for smart power management, data-protecting shoulder-surfer warnings, and zero-touch login. Plus, the X13s will recognize you even with a facemask or a haircut. Additionally, digital wellness features include posture and screen-time awareness, as well as vision-health notifications,” says Lenovo.

Notably, it’s also a device where Lenovo tried to cut down carbon emissions on, with the chassis made from 90% recycled magnesium and post-consumer content (PCC) used for the battery pack (30%), the speaker enclosure (97%), and the AC adapter (90%).

Right now there’s no word about the ThinkPad X13s price or availability but the official product page does say it’s coming soon.

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Microsoft Shows off First ARM Laptop with Microsoft Pluton Device Security Architecture
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