Check Out This Genius Selfie Booth For Dogs By Simone Giertz

Check Out This Genius Selfie Booth For Dogs By Simone Giertz

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Robotics genius Simone Giertz has come up with an amazing invention to mark the release of the new LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor set – a robot-powered dog selfie booth.

The invention in the form of a puppy-powered selfie booth is made from LEGO and was created especially for her dog Scraps.

To activate it, the dog needs to press a paw on the floor of the booth, starting the camera to capture a photo, while the robot gives the dog a treat to ensure a happy shot.

In the process of creating the photo booth, she used a Lego Mindstorms kit and Lego bricks, and a distance sensor and circuit board to correlate the treats dispenser.

“She goes in there, there’s a little pedal that she can push with her paw, it triggers a camera that triggers a treat dispenser. She gets a treat, I get a photo, everyone’s happy,” Simone explains.

Simone is famous for her skillful robotic creations. She came up with a machine that chops vegetables, a robot that feeds you soup, and a drone that can cut hair, among other ingenious and creative goods.

The experienced creator showed off her new workshop in Los Angeles in the video which you can fully watch here.

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