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Nolan Bushnell Launches VR Platform For Large Scale Games

Gamers feel at home with one VR headset in their livingroom, but what can businesses do? Nolan Bushnell asked himself the same question and came up with Modal VR, a platform that can attract and sustain multiple users in a large outdoor space #realitymagic

Modal VR System

The co-founder of Atari and one of the most known faces in the world of modern gaming came up with the grand plan. Modal VR would serve as a VR medium for businesses, whether their area of interest is outside, by nature (tourism), or it can benefit from various activations. The experience created is therefore life-size and large-scale, fooling users they have stepped into a different but not smaller world.

Their virtual reality solution is a mix of hardware and software. The headset is accompanied by sensors that go on arms, legs , gloves and function with batteries. The system is completely wireless, you see, and the wearables will become more lightweight and discreet in the years to come, if everything goes to Bushnell’s plan.

These are meant to track a user’s arms, legs, wrist motions and eye direction:  “I looked forward and saw a life-size castle — not unlike Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland — that was perhaps 30 feet high”, recalls one of VentureBeat’s editors.

Before your colleagues can try it, developers are invited to contact the team for a Modal VR Developer Edition™.

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Nolan Bushnell Launches VR Platform For Large Scale Games
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