Now, You Can Be Part of Battlestar Galactica in World’s First VR Rollercoaster

Ever wanted to break Battlestar Galactica’s fictional world barrier and be one of them? Now, you can. While you won’t be fighting Cylons soon, you will get to explore space as one of Galactica’s flight pioneers in a spectacular, unforgettable VR ride.

This spring, UK’s theme park Alton Towers is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of discovering galaxies with a virtual reality rollercoaster ride. Using Samsung Gear VR headset, you will plunge into space from a warp tunnel for a 3 minute adventure.

It won’t be child’s play, mind you. You will experience forces of 3.5Gs, bigger than the ones astronauts feel during rocket launch. If you’re a bit like Howard Wolowitz, you might want to sit this one out. Otherwise, knock yourself out! Before you buy a ticket, know that you will fall 66ft at one point, with a speed of 47mph – more than the legal speed in most residential areas.

It’s a daredevil’s dream and a 840-metre-long ride alongside Eve, Galactica’s Onboard Artificial System (a nod at Andromeda). If you’re ready for it, book your ticket here .


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