Apple’s Night Shift Will Change The Feel of Your Instagram Pictures


If you’re anything like me, then you probably feel safe at night only with your digital weapon by your side. No matter how many sleeping studies are released each month, you can’t help but cuddle with your smartphone. He’s the one to wake you up in the morning, ensure you see late night emails and notifications. How could you give it up in favor of better sleep?!

To help prevent heartbreak, loss and keep you rested, Apple engineers are providing a solution: warmer screens. For the next iOS upgrade, 9.3, developers are planning to integrate a screen color correcting function that could guarantee better sleep without sacrificing your iPhone mate.

The idea is pretty straightforward: the device will automatically lower the blue light cast by the screen, the one that mimics daylight and keeps you awake at night, in favor of a yellowish shade. Taking into account your timezone and location, your iPhone will make the switch around sunset, so the light matches natural environment to help you wind down at a proper hour.

All good, so far – but what if you’re using your phone mostly for its camera? You might find the automatic switch nerve-racking, as the warmer light will change the feel of any picture saved in your camera roll, deceiving the eye.

If you decide to test-drive Night Shift, you might want to manually set this function every day for a week and see how it goes. For now, it doesn’t seem like a long term solution for iPhoneographers.


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