The Witcher Behind The Scenes: Secrets Revealed (Before the Show Starts)

We loved playing Wild Hunt, so let’s geek out about the Netflix show we’re gonna binge watch this winter: The Witcher!

If you’re here, reading this, then you’re probably pretty invested in the Witcher books or, at least, the game. I mean, who can resist Geralt of Rivia, superhuman slayer, dad figure overnight and clumsy romantic? 

Netflix, for one, can not. The Witcher is the network’s answer to Game of Thrones and many say it could easily surpass it – at least when it comes to fighting scenes. One thing’s for sure – the hype is real! 

We went behind the scenes and found out some truly remarkable things that show the cast and crew are as invested in this production as us, fans of the game and books:

Henry Cavill was born for this role. If you thought Superman fit him as a glove, check him in The Witcher! Before getting the part, the actor played Witcher 3 “to the death”, his words not mine. Massive game fan, he then went on living his Geralt dream, doing almost all of the stunts himself to get and stay in character.  

He even changed his voice – as you’ll see in the series – to be as close to the one fans hear when they think of the Kaer Morhen witcher. Cavill kept the British accent, after listening to audiobooks, but borrowed the gravelly tone of the character in the game. 

In Witcher 3, Geralt of Rivia uses signs as much as sword to slay monsters. In the TV series, though, you’ll get more hand to hand combat than magic. According to the VFX team, The Witcher show is much more grounded horror than fantasy world. 

See the rest of the things that make this cast and show exciting in the video above!

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