Smart Life Announces Buttons, Earphones That Look Like Earrings

Singer wants to prove that fashion and tech can mix for a stylish, premium result that doesn’t feel forced at all. His latest initiative in this sense is a pair of Bluetooth earphones that look like earrings when active or make a necklace when disconnected #objectmagic BUTTONS have two magnetic metallic discs that take the shape of giant studs when the user is listening to music and attach one to the other after use. Disconnected, they form a sort of weird necklace that the singer hopes it looks fashionable enough to wear all day. The idea is to stop hiding our gadgets away in pockets or cases and wear them in plain sight, because they complement our outfits. Buttons

The wireless earphones come in four colors that match the iPhone 7. This is not a coincidence – is selling his earphones on Apple store as we speak. That doesn’t mean these earphones won’t work with Android, on the contrary. If you decide to go for other shades, check site and watch out for them in stores like Max Field where they should appear in time for the holidays.’s BUTTONS have a battery life of up to eight hours and are selling for $229.95. A part of the sales will go to Foundation. As for the future, the singer hopes to include connected collars and Button chokers next year.

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