Instagram Rolls Out Their Own “Portrait Mode”

Portrait mode for camera phones opened up exciting possibilities for users, but they were limited to photos. Now, Instagram wants to rectify that by rolling out a new feature: focus mode. #softwaremagic

To obtain that beautiful bokeh effect for portraits, you need a dual camera module, right? Just like the latest iPhones sport. Or go with a Pixel phone, thanks to its brilliant software. But what if you have neither and don’t intent on buying one of the two in the future? Well, you’re stuck, right?

Not exactly. Instagram has found a solution to this conundrum, their own version of portrait mode, called Focus.

This is a new mode available for Stories, easy to find next to Boomerang and Superzoom. It doesn’t matter which camera you use or what OS your phone runs, the new feature will apply the blurred background effect.

But the best part is the tech used works with video, too, not just still.

“Focus mode leverages background segmentation and face detection technology,” an Instagram spokesperson explained. That’s why it doesn’t matter how many rear cameras your phone has or which OS it uses. The faces detected remain sharp while the background gets that soft blur (and the edges of the body, as well, if we’re being honest.)

The feature works with every iPhone starting with 6s and any Android device.

Despite all the hearings and reports these days, Instagram has remained unscathed. Moreover, they’ve thrived, teasing other updates as well: a QR feature similar to the one found on Snapchat and more colorful Story stickers that you can use to tag someone.

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