San Francisco Hates Electric Scooters

bird rides electric scooters san francisco

San Francisco, the most popular testing ground for any startup, has had enough of electric scooters.

The city where companies like Bird, LimeBikes, and Spin tried to promote electric scooters for faster, more eco-friendly transportation has decided that it does not want the trendy vehicles on its streets.

In the last few weeks, San Francisco residents started a to vandalize Bird electric scooters and its brethren, becoming more and more aggressive with each passing day.


Well, using a smartphone app, city residents can reserve a nearby scooter, ride around on it for a small fee, and, at the end of the journey, leave the scooter anywhere to be claimed by the next rider.

Unlike many bike-sharing programs, these scooters don’t need to be attached to a special dock, so riders just hop off and walk away. Since the scooters do not have dedicated drop-off points like classic bike sharing programs, people just leave them anywhere.

This is what made San Francisco residents fight back. As shown in a flurry of tweets, people with a bone to pick with those riders are extremely creative – they cut wires, cover the sensors with stickers or simply throw them in the water.

The authorities are equally displeased. San Francisco regulators are moving to impound any electric scooter that doesn’t have a permit, trying to force startups like Bird or Limebikes to stop testing their products without prior approval.

The San Francisco City’s Attorney office has already issued a cease and desist order and the companies have until April 30 to come up with a solution, a feasible plan to stop the madness.

Until then, a lot of electric scooters are at the mercy of angry residents.

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