Watch The Toyota Basketball Robot Defeat Humans

Toyota engineers have very different ideas from you and me when it comes to spending their free time. They created the Cue, a basketball robot, and made it go against human players trying to get the best score at free throws.

While the basketball robot isn’t as flashy as one of Boston Dynamics’ creations, it did manage to get a better score than the human basketball players from a Chinese B league team.

“They all entered [the net], I can’t believe it,” said one player about the basketball robot, with another one adding, “I thought he would miss one, but…I feel frustrated.”

Asahi Shimbun, the newspaper that debuted the footage above, did not have further details about Toyota’s project. All we know is that the basketball-playing robot is 6 foot 2 in height, so a bit shorter than an average NBA player. It moves on wheels and was trained with AI to reach 100% accuracy and land 10 out of 10 free throws.

Football-playing robots have had their own competition for about 8 years now – it’s called Robocup. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a robotic basketball league in the near future too. 

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