3 Tech Trends That You’ll See in 2020

The end of a decade is near. The past 10 years have been truly surprising, just when you think of the advancements in artificial intelligence, display and camera technology, design and robotics. Not all breakthroughs made it to the market in 2019, but we’re hopeful 2020 will bring about the things consumers really expect and are excited to play with.

At IFA 2019, the last big show of the year, we saw what prototypes and ideas were turned into commercially available products. It was more about end products, ready for sale, mostly in Europe.

Sort of a window shopping experience than a showcasing one.

We can’t complain though – it was the perfect place to see how companies made their plans a reality and what we can expect from next year.

Indeed, we could see three tech trends that are here to stay for the foreseeable future:

1.Foldable or multiple? Phone makers will seemingly still debate between the best way of bringing more screen estate to users. There’s only so much you can do to increase the screen size! To keep in “healthy limits”, you will either increase it but make it foldable or add a second screen to it. After so much trial and error, multiple could be the way to go in 2020.

2. Gaming on the go will remain a major trend. As mobile gaming content will become even more attractive ( through subscriptions, for example), smartphones will be designed to support it as best as possible. The era of gaming smartphones has begun.

3. Talking about design, more and more companies will take a leap of faith in 2020. You will see more bold form factors and design choices.

Keep those in mind and you’ll know what to invest in next!

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