4 Phones iPhone 9 Will Have to Beat

iPhone 9 is gonna be the mid-ranger many have expected for 4 years now, the sequel to iPhone SE.  However, it’s gonna have plenty of competition; these four phones in particular are gonna be very tempting to have and the hardest to beat!

Just like its predecessor, iPhone 9 is gonna be a nice in-between with iPhone 11’s essential specs but without the facelift. We’re expecting the looks of the iPhone 8 with hopefully a frosted glass back, an A13 processor and 3 gigs of RAM. 

The camera will unfortunately be a single module but with Apple’s software, your photos should turn out better than you’d expect from a 400 – 450 dollar phone. 

Size is key – after all iPhone SE owned much of its success to it. So iPhone 9 will likely have a 4.7 inch display, betting on users love for compact gadgets. Since it’s gonna be a twin of the iPhone 8, Face ID will be off the table.

I don’t know about you, but for us going back to Touch is gonna be brutal! Face recognition has shown that it can be reliable and fast so Touch ID will feel like a step back. Unless you’re juggling an older iPad, iPhone and Mac and then you’re resigned to switching from one to the other. Wireless charging should be in the books, though.

Maybe more importantly, you’ll still get a device that can access Apple Arcade and all their latest services. With the latest processor, you’re not gonna feel behind all your other Apple pals. You’re still gonna play extremely fast and probably frustrate everyone with your more-than-decent photos. Again, with an iPhone that’s less than half the price of their latest flagship. 

The only trouble is… it’s gonna drop in March, weeks away from MWC, where not just flagships but four sexy iPhone 9 rivals will show up. It’s unlike Apple to back off from a challenge so they’ll have to breathe in, squeeze their eyes tight and hope that those second quarter results are worth bringing out the bubbly. 

So, where’s the threat coming from? Sony, Oppo, Xiaomi and Motorola. Sony is the obvious Android rival; they’ve been doing the mid-range tango for a while now.

2020 is not gonna be that different. Their Xperia 6 is gonna hit the 600 dollar mark, true, but it will offer plenty of flagship specs to compensate. 

See what I mean by that in the video above!

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