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9 Things You Can Do With MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

It’s true Apple throws us a curve ball from now and then, but this time it delivered exactly as we expected with the MacBook Pro. The biggest change, leaked over and over again,  was the replacement of the function keys with a customizable panel. Everybody took this change with restrained excitement, not sure if it’s going to pan out as a positive thing in the end. Well, after today’s event, we can definitely say it’s going to give you the freedom of navigating from and in-app more easily. #hardwaremagic

Here’s the nine things you will be able to do with Touch Bar:

1. Edit your photos in a couple of touches. Select, rotate, crop and add filters from the strip of glass.edit-photos

2. Visualize your photos. All selected photos will show up there, as thumbnails for you to view.

3. Control your audio and video apps with buttons such as playback, stop, volume control and more.

4. Edit your videos in Final Cut Pro X with a clear visualization of your project’s timeline.

video-edit5. Bold, augment and edit your text in Word.

6. Adjust colors for text in Keynote or use it in Photoshop.

7. Personalize your e-mails with emoji or use predictive text to send it faster.


8. Keep your Social Media accounts at your fingertips if those are the most accessed website in Safari.


9. Create music in DJ Pro App with all the tools above your keyboard.

Besides all this, some apps will let you customize the Touch Bar with the commands that work best for you.

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9 Things You Can Do With MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

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