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AirSelfie, The Drone That Fits In A Phone Case

Smartphones are getting thinner, drones are getting smaller. Intel’s Shooting Star Drones are taking advantage of their light and small form to fly in swarm formation and create movements of light on the night sky. Others, like AirSelfie, are simply convenient selfie cameras that can take group pictures effortless #actionmagic

The last selfie accessory isn’t a hybrid stick-phone case but a drone. AirSelfie, a palm-sized quadcopter, has just concluded a successful crowdfunding campaign by offering backers a way to take group photos without stretching and tripping in the process. An attachable phone case charges and stores the drone when not in use. When it is fully charged (takes about 30 minutes), you simply have to take it out and fly it up to 20 meters high using your phone application (compatible with iOS and Android).

AirSelfie Case

In Selfie Mode, you can control it with on-screen buttons for distance management, in Flight Mode you have to rotate your phone to transform it into a full controller or you can give the virtual joystick a try in Selfie Motion Mode. Don’t hesitate too much – AirSelfie has a flight time of 3 minutes, barely enough to set distance, place, timer and press the “shutter”. At that point, the drone will hover in place and take the image desired.

Even though the size is a huge plus for AirSelfie, the 5MP camera is probably a let-down for those who desire quality selfies. It’s definitely no Breeze! For all the specs above and a 4GB SD card thrown in, the team hopes to sell the drone at 179 euros (early bird) and 270 euros when it hits the market.

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AirSelfie, The Drone That Fits In A Phone Case
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