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PSA: All the Snap Pixy Drones Ever Sold Are Now Recalled


Snap just doesn’t seem to catch a break when it comes to hardware. If you thought their Snap Spectacles were totally eclipsed by Meta and Ray Ban’s collaboration, wait until you see what happened with the Snap Pixy drones.

The cute drones, designed for the single purpose of giving you great selfies, have some seriously bad batteries. Not only they didn’t sell so great, forcing Snap to end their run after just four months, they’re now also considered fire hazards. 

After four reports of battery bulging, one fire and one “minor injury,” Snap Inc was forced to recall all the Pixy Flying Camera drones’ batteries.

The good news?

If you are one of the buyers of a drone like this, you can get a full refund of at least $185. Actually, the refund applies even if you got it as a gift, as Snap won’t require a receipt.

The bad news?

However, the Pixy Drones will have to be returned to Snap without their batteries, so you have to find a way to dispose of those safely. And it won’t come cheap, something Snap doesn’t say on the Pixy recall page.

And if you do indeed own such a drone or have a device with a similar battery, please do your due diligence in disposing of it, as the risk of them starting fires in various places is pretty big.

These two Redditors explained why Snap doesn’t risk accepting the drones with the batteries included (it’s very expensive and they could explode in transit). However, this means that thousands of these defective batteries could the landfill if people aren’t careful and read the fine print.

Via Reddit

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