Huawei Mate 8/ Android Nougat

Android Nougat, Installed On Huawei Mate 8 Before Official Release

Android users have been waiting for the Android Nougat update to hit their smartphones since its August debut and especially after LG came forward with the first phone baring the life-changing update. Because Huawei hasn’t announced yet the date when this miracle will happen to its devices too, one user took matters into his own hands and installed a leaked version of it on his Mate 8 #softwaremagic

User somboons found the Android Nougat update and posted it on XDA Developers forums, explaining step by step what you have to do to install it too. The instructions aren’t as easy or short as you’d expect but hey, there’s a price to pay if you want to get ahead. A quick warning though, before you proceed enthusiastically: this is not the official Android Nougat version, so there’s no telling if and how it will affect your device.

YouTube user The RC got himself in trouble, as you can see here.  If you do decide to take a shot at it, this is how you’ll interact with the new OS:



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Android Nougat, Installed On Huawei Mate 8 Before Official Release
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