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Better Safe Than Sorry: Google’s AI Gets An Off Switch


As Google’s artificial intelligence gets more and more creative, writing poems and making music,  we’re beginning to wonder how soon the AI will turn against us, achieving independence. Before you tell us that’s all Sci-Fi talk, you should know Google has already taken this possibility into consideration and has worked on safety measurements #machinemagic

Google’s DeepMind division and Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute have written a paper explaining how could an AI be stopped before it turns against its creators. Esentially, they’ve given the formula of an off switch for a misbehaving robot in the document “Safely Interruptible Agents,”.

While you might not understand a word from it, it’s important for scientists and companies that will use Google’s AI in the future to be ready to take once again control of the robot before we’re all confronted with “irreversible consequences”.

So far, the company’s artificial intelligence is only contributing to this world but there might come a day when it decides it will no longer be a tool, but an active member of our world who needs to change a thing or two to meet its own needs.


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