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Communication Barrier, Gone: These Gloves Translate Sign Language On The Spot

Often, ASL speakers find themselves lonely in a sea of spoken words and replies filled with joy or sadness. Now, they’re going to answer back and even start their own conversations thanks to a translating glove invented by two university students #objectmagic

Called “SignAloud”, the pair of gloves is filled with sensors that interpret hand movements used in ASL and then converts them in spoken words or texts. Everything happens on a computer via Bluetooth, where a statistical regression chooses the most likely word to fit a certain movement from the database. It’s a fantastic way to bridge the gap between these two means of communication, allowing ASL speakers to communicate easily, without having to carry on awkward equipment that triggers only unwanted attention.

We hope to see these gloves on the market soon, since the boys who invented them received Lemelson-MIT Student Prize and a $10.000 grant to make their dream come true.

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