Could Cybertruck Power Your Home?

When it comes to Tesla’s Cybertruck we’ve gone from 0 to 60 fast, from mocking it to placing orders in a frenzy. But numbers aren’t the only things that count – who has ordered it and why is much more important. One guy from New York, is about to power his home with the futuristic pickup truck.

Karl Gesslein figured out he could power his tiny home for 240 days with the help of a Cybertruck with solar cover and some solar panels. He’d been living off the grid with his wife for a while now. Struggling with homemade batteries, convinced solar is the way.

But when Cybertruck came along, this man saw a double opportunity: to use the Dual Motor model as main power source while living his childhood dream: driving a sci-fi car. It’s not a DeLorean but it’s not far from it. 

Plus, he’s thought of blackouts, too. For folks who live on the grid, the Cybertruck could take over and give them electricity.

Karl is convinced that Cybertruck is – and I quote – “the best deal to be found for electric backup power that won’t accidentally burn your house to the ground or kill you in your sleep.”

Karl Gesslein is not alone in his excitement for Cybertruck. You won’t believe what UFC fighter and minister of state! Find out watching the video above!

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