Youtuber’s New Tesla Cybertruck Had 5 Critical Failures In First 40 Miles

How my Tesla CyberBeast Failed Under 1 Mile - YouTube screencap

Tesla is once again facing negative press, after one YouTuber claims his new Cybertruck had no less than five critical failures in his first few days driving it.

The YouTuber from the Gears Down channel is a private jet pilot going by ‘Thomas C.’. He picked up the premium 2024 Cybertruck model called the Cyberbeast. Then, he had enough material to post a video called “How My Tesla CyberBeast Failed Under 1 Minute” – and it got worse from there.

Needless to say, Thomas was excited to pick up the Cyberbeast from his dealer and spent around $100,000 on the car. What happens next?

The Cyberbeast Cyber Truck “broke like 30 times on me the first time I had it, which absolutely sucks,” Thomas said.

All in all, he experienced 5 critical failures in the first 40 miles of driving Tesla’s truck, and even showed on camera the dash screen saying that a “critical steering issue” had been detected.

At least the truck has built-in coolers, I guess?

So far, Tesla hasn’t issued any statements regarding this video, nor has Elon Musk tweeted a response.

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