This Cubical Device Can Turn Currents In Electricity

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It’s no secret that companies have started paying more attention to renewable energy. Solar power and wind power are at the forefront of many companies’ mind right now, starting with Tesla, after their acquisition of Solar City. But how about tidal energy? Who is willing to invest in the technology that can use currents, one of the most accessible resources out there, to produce electricity? Apparently, German company REAC #todaymagic

It’s a pity to not make use of water, specifically currents, to produce electricity. REAC Energy GmbH knows this very well and that is why they’ve come up with an ingenious solution: the StreamCube. This is a scalable, cubic device, very similar to a water wheel, that stays underwater. By doing so, it can attract currents and transform them in energy.

We’re talking about tidal power here, a type of renewable power that has incredible potential, given that two-thirds of our planet are covered in water. Besides, tides are regular and predictable, which makes this venture even more appealing.

StreamCube has vertical rotor axes that come alive thanks to the pressure of incoming water. Depending on their position, the blades can fold on or off. A number of units can be stacked or lined up, at request. REAC has tested StreamCube off the north coast of Scotland. The company’s initial assessment is that the device is low cost, easily transportable and has little impact on the environment.

As for the financial resources it requires to become commercially available, they’re certainly not few… but in time, operating costs should prove easy to tackle.

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