Curved iPhone With Touchless Gesture Control In The Works

Curved iPhone With Touchless Gesture Control In The Works

curved iphone concept

Apple’s recent line of iPhones, the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X, brought some of the biggest changes to the iPhone since its inception. While the inclusion of the notch and the removal of the home button defined this generation of iPhones, it seems like Apple is working on an even newer model that will upend the traditional look and function of its signature smartphone. According to a report by software and media company Bloomberg, Apple is envisioning a new curved screen and touchless gesture controls. #mobilemagic

The company’s engineers are playing with “displays that curve inward gradually from top to bottom.” While similar to the LG Flex smartphone in design, this iPhone will work seamlessly with added functionalities, like the touchless gesture controls, and iOS upgrades. Speaking of the gesture control, it would work by “moving [his or her] finger close to the screen without actually tapping it.” Samsung’s Galaxy S4 relied on a motion sensor for said feature, but Apple is looking to incorporate the necessary tech in the display rather than by the front facing camera.

The first iPhone to incorporate both the curved screen and touchless gesture controls is at least two years away. Bloomberg has warned fans that the company might decide to give up on these innovative features and simply just tweak the existing model. Designed Martin Hajek, however, has already worked on visualizing these concepts for those interested in speculating what the phone might look like.

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