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Release The Eagles! Dutch Policemen Are Fighting Drones With Flying Colors

Imagine a bald eagle in flight – its eyes set on the prey, diving with spectacular speed, preparing to tighten its grip on the unfortunate prey. Usually, raptors don’t let anything stay in their way, even if they have to follow the prey in icy waters, forcing them to swim.

Now, imagine a similar scenario where the prey is replaced by a drone. Makes you shudder, right? Dutch policemen have teamed up with a raptor company named Guard From Above to capture rogue quadcopters. No more playing Mr. Nice Guys with nets – these symbols of justice and duty are resorting to ruthless eagles.

Trained to identify and capture drones, eagles are becoming as important for the police force as dogs. While concerns for the birds’ welfare are surfacing every day, we should take into account the sheer force eagles’ talons have. For example, the bald eagle’s grip is 10 times stronger than that of an adult human hand and can reach 400 psi (pounds per square inch of pressure)! It’s no wonder that the drone above didn’t stand a chance.

For now, officers from the Netherlands are reserved in official statements, stating only that this is just one of the “physical solutions” sought out to counteract rogue drones.

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