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DxO One Can Finally Transfer RAW Images Directly to iPhone

DxO One is probably one of the most portable premium shooters out there. The fact that it can connect to your iPhone through a Lightning Port makes it incredibly easy to use, yet it’s far from being perfect. Until the recent update, you couldn’t transfer RAW images to your Apple smartphone or use remote control if you were in an area without Wi-Fi networks. That’s all changed now #fotomagic

Thanks to the iOS update that allows RAW picture manipulation and the firmware update DxO One made recently, you can now make changes on your RAW images without needing to download them to a PC first. That’s not the only good news. RAW pictures will occupy 30% less space on your phone or MicroSD card since the team updated the image compression algorithm, too.

The 20.2MP camera will also be able to connect to the phone, without the need of an external Wi-Fi network this time. A new Mobile Smart Lighting feature will be able to enhance the dynamic range of photos shot in bad lighting situations. Last but not least, the latest DxO One update comes with an eco mode, meaning you can save battery life just by pushing a button between photo shoots.

The firmware update is free to download and then set up but if you don’t own a camera yet, be prepared to spend around $500 for it.

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DxO One Can Finally Transfer RAW Images Directly to iPhone

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