Google Develops RAISR, A Way To Enhance Images With Machine Learning

Google Pixel camera

Google’s interest for image enhancing software is not at all new. A recent example is the Google Pixel camera module and now, the company is announcing a new image enhancement technique based on machine learning, called RAISR #softwaremagic

RAISR stands for rapid and accurate image super-resolution, a technique that applies filters selectively, pixel by pixel. Instead of increasing the quality of low-res images by relying on fixed values (and applying the same changes on the series of images), RAISR defines parameters starting from pairs of pictures – one low quality, one high quality. The machine learning algorithm trains on these pairs to discover where the filters should be applied to recreate the beautiful, original aspect of the picture.


There’s no telling how Google will market this technology. It might come as an update to their Google Camera app or as a feature of a future smartphone. The one thing sure is, if the technique can run flawlessly, in real time, on a mobile device, it’s going to make your DSLR a luxury saved for photo shooting trips.

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