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Dyson Wants To Launch Electric Car By 2020

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Dyson, the famous household appliance maker, is ready to diversify its business. In fact, as the electric vehicle market is expanding, the company is taking a leap and joining their ranks. By 2020, Dyson hopes to launch an all-electric car #automagic

Dyson founder James Dyson sent an email internally announcing his plan to start working on an electric vehicle. Although that decision might surprise you, it’s not that shocking coming from a company who has been thinking about eliminating toxic emissions since its founding. Yes, Dyson’s cyclonic motor – that’s iconic for their hand dryers – came to life from a desire to get rid of diesel-made emissions.

Despite the success with fans, high-tech vacuum cleaners and more appliances, Dyson’s vision has remained to lower pollution levels. And what better way to do it than with an EV? Especially, since big car makers like HondaPorsche,  Corvette and Tesla, of course, are already on the bandwagon and paving the way for more companies to do the same. China is also waging a war against pollution and has decided to ban fossil fuels cars in the next decade.  Norway has the same agenda, planning to sell only electric vehicles by 2025.

Dyson will use this time to create its own EV. The company has already rounded up their top engineers, coming up with a team of 400 and growing. They expect an investment of $3 billion to make their project a reality.

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