Electric Pickup Goes From 0-60 mph In 5.5 Seconds

workshorse electric pickup truck

Remember the special truck used by UPS to launch delivery drones in rural areas? It was designed by Workhorse, an electric truck company from Ohio. Now, the same boys are behind W-15, an electric pickup truck that goes from 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds #automagic

American company Workhorse has just announced what Tesla has been hoping to: the debut of their first electric pickup. W-15 is a 460 horsepower vehicle that can go 80 miles on a big Panasonic battery (60 kilowatt hours). Once that’s out of juice, a three-cylinder BMW engine kicks in and generates the electricity required. As opposed to smaller cars, this truck has the space to stash an extra battery pack and the muscle to support the extra weight. Which takes us to another perk – the extra battery can power up tools and work lights.

workhorse electric pickup

CEO Steve Burns claims that W-15 can go from 0 to 60 in about 5.5 seconds, which makes it a surprisingly swift vehicle. The electric truck has the same weight as a regular one, since the hardware has been forged from carbon fiber with a composite bodywork.

Truth be told, the price is a little steep – $52,500 (before any tax credits). But if purchased in a fleet, by a business not a regular Joe, the operating costs should be lower, making it an interesting deal. In fact, Burns says Workhorse is planning to sell the electric pickup to fleet operators starting next year.

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