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Emotibot, To Help Chatbots Understand Human Emotions

Chatbots are helpful assistants but that’s about it. They can’t really gauge your mood and reply according to it. Start-up Emotibot plans to fix this problem with custom solutions for businesses who want to really connect with customers #machinemagic

Chinese start-up Emotibot is convinced understanding human emotions and reacting in response to them is a sure way to bridge the gap between customers and client service support. Instead of getting dire comebacks to your efforts of communicating confusion, anxiety or anger, Emotibot wants to ensure sympathetic responses from automated machines.

To make that happen, Emotibot can use text, audio or visual input through a camera or all three of them. To convince clients of its effectiveness, the start-up is offering public-facing apps for WeChat or Android. If all goes well, Emotibot could change the way we see chatbots and talk to them in messaging apps, via smart speakers or in connected cars.

For skeptics, the company adds that their bot has a 95.63% accuracy rate for detecting emotions based on visual indicators in China.

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Emotibot, To Help Chatbots Understand Human Emotions
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