This 3D Scanner Saves Money And Time By Using Your Smartphone Camera

Companies are starting to realize they can harness a smartphone’s power and camera to create budget-friendly, portable devices consumers desperately need. After this 360-degree cam right here, a start-up came up with the idea of a high-quality, portable 3D scanner that works hand in hand with your phone #objectmagic

Eora 3D connects to any Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, using the phone’s camera and their green laser to scan objects with a sub-100 micron precision. This means the device should capture 1 square meter in a single scan, from up to 1 meter distance without breaking a sweat. The company says the scan is extremely accurate and takes every detail into account, in full color, and renders it in the companion app.

Eora 3D scan

Tiny objects can be placed on a turntable also from Eora but larger objects don’t even require one, as the scanner takes over 1000 pictures and stitches them in-app. Renders can then be uploaded and shared on Sketchfab, 3D Hubs and Shapeways.

Eora 3D smartphone

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? If the final images look as good as in the video, then this could be your next accessory. Eora mentioned that one of their selling points is definitely price, so you’re probably wondering how much will this set you back? The answer is $289 just for the scanner and $319 with turntable if you buy them from Indiegogo.

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