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Letrons Turkish Engineers Made A Real BMW Transformer

When we thought it didn’t get more crazy than acoustic holograms, autonomous soft robots or beauty A.I judges, Turkish engineers blew our minds with a real, actual size Transformer. Judging by the scale of the project, you’d think it would take an army to pull this off. In reality, 12 engineers and 4 supporting technicians from Letrons converted a red BMW into a giant robot #automagic

Letrons built one model, ANTIMON, from an actual car that can’t be drove in traffic, but does function via remote control and is incredibly flexible as a robot. The head can turn 120 degrees, wrists and fingers move independently thanks to a 400 Ncm servo engine power and speech is tossed in this combo to make it even more realistic. Plus, Letrons robot can give interactive feedback with LED LCD display and dynamically adjust lighting. If it’s a smart object, of course it has Wi-fi – 2.4 GHz 54 Mbps data transfer rate.

The only thing we’re bumped about? It doesn’t walk, at least not in the model used as a prototype. By the way, Letrons says the “Transformers” are for sale ” if the buyers project and their reasons for use meets the criteria of the LETRONS team.” We can only guess that means you have to want a Letrons robot for business, not fun.

As for the car, the steering wheel can be maneuvered 60 degrees both left and right. You might not be able to take it out of your garage, but you will be the owner of something out of fantasy realm.

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