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Scientists Created Tiny Acoustic Holograms

As magical as Microsoft Hololens is, bringing Sulu to our living rooms, scientists managed to create even more fascinating holograms, with sound #todaymagic

A team of bright minds from Max Planck Institute in Germany used sounds, instead of light, to create tiny holograms in circular shapes or even dove-inspired. 

Their system reflects different sound waves off objects. Those can reach the surface thanks to an underwater speaker and in return, produce sound. Unlike the acoustic levitation system, here just one transducer (vibrating surface) is needed to create the holograms.

Why is this possible in the first place?

The German researchers’ transducer is a unique hologram plate with some parts thicker than the others, in order to produce distortion patterns that can reach the surface. There, the objects floating will be affected by the patterns, moving continuously.

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