Extraordinary Tech: JetSuiteX Is That Personal Plane You’ve Been Waiting For

Welcome to Extraordinary Tech 2018. Join Buchanan, Joelle, Mike and myself on our adventures as we test out some of the best tech available in 2018. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we’ll be showcasing devices that came with us on a cross-country trip this summer, ranging from an outdoor speaker that will change the way you think of sound to a smartwatch that offers the best fitness features at an affordable price. Along the way, we’ll be hosting giveaways of some of the tech featured in this series, so stay tuned! 

We weren’t going to make it.

No, scratch that; we shouldn’t have been able to make it.

20 minutes and a dream was all we had to make our flight. A long line at check-in, a TSA hold-up, or even a gate far away from the security check all meant we’d miss our flight. One, if not all of these, is guaranteed on a commercial flight.

But we were flying JetSuiteX. Advertised as “semi-private flying [with] not-so-private fares,” to us it felt more like our own private jet. Check-in and baggage check took all of 1 minute and even as we rushed in with only 20 minutes till take off, a few people came in after us.

What made the entire JetSuiteX experience different was the attentiveness of the crew, besides the easy check-in and lack of TSA. We felt pampered, no doubt about it. From the seamless boarding – straight from the tarmac to the aisle – to the comfortable chairs with ample leg room and complimentary snacks and drinks, we kind of felt like superstars. To top it off, the minute we landed, GoRentals, a JetSuiteX partnered car-rental service, handed us a set of car keys for our destination the moment we walked off the plane.

Few get to experience what it’s like to walk up to a private plane and fly it out on a whim; JetSuiteX made that experience possible for us. From the moment we arrived at the hanger to the instant we hopped off at Concord Airport, JetSuiteX transformed a quite stressful experience into an enjoyable time. 20 minutes and a dream was all we had to make our flight; JetSuiteX made that dream come true.

Bottom Line Is…

To fly JetSuiteX is feel like you own the hanger, the jet, and the experience. Their private flight experience is unrivaled in commercial flights and you do feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

To be certain, JetSuiteX’s main accomplishment is that it changes the narrative of flying. Flying used to be about the journey – Wilbur and Orville Wright’s legacy is not where they flew, but that they flew. Kitty Hawk demonstrated to the world that the skies were not the limit, but just another step on a stairwell to discovery.

In today’s day and age, few remember the dreams that fueled those pioneers’ achievements. Even as flights have become cheaper and more accessible, travel is not about the journey, but the destination. The novelty of flying has worn thin, replaced with cramped seats and additional fees for every minor convenience.

JetSuiteX is a callback to the dream of what flying could be – open skies on a luxurious, semi-private flight. The roar of the jet engine next to us on the tarmac reminded us of the sky’s untamed, but open expanse while the jet within arm’s reach engendered feelings of hope and excitement.

On JetSuiteX, regardless of final destination, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

extraordinary tech team

The Extraordinary Tech series was produced in partnership with Xperi. We were not compensated by JetSuiteX. JetSuiteX flights can be booked at

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