Fiat Centoventi Is the Modular Car Concept that Stole the Geneva Motor Show

Fiat Centoventi Is the Modular Car Concept that Stole the Geneva Motor Show

Fiat Centoventi Geneva Motor Show

One of the unlikeliest stars of the Geneva Motor Show was Fiat, attendees simply falling in love with the adorable Fiat Centoventi.

This customizable modular electric car was named in honor of Fiat’s 120th anniversary. Almost anything on the Fiat Centoventi can be changed to fit the driver’s needs. Owners start with a gray car, then choose out of four different bumpers, roofs, wheel covers and paint wraps. Even more, the roof is available in solar panel and soft top options.

And that’s only the beginning.

Thanks to a partnership with Mopar, another Fiat Chrysler company, the Fiat Centoventi can let drivers choose from 114 different accessories, starting with bottle holders to seat cushions or sound systems.

Taking it one step further, Fiat also envisions the possibility to 3D print parts at home or at the dealership.

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“This is a new business model for automotive accessories, enabling them to be resold or traded on the Web, nurturing a real community of brand fans or connoisseurs of Fiat’s Italian design, just as with collectors’ items,” says Fiat in the press release.

Under the hood the customization possibilities are more limited but still present.

The base model comes with a 62 miles of range battery pack attached to a sliding rail system. On that rail, drivers will be able to buy (or rent!) more battery packs, extending the Fiat Centoventi’s range to 311 miles.

Looking at the LEGO-like philosophy presented at the press conference, it’s hard to not get excited by what the Centoventi promises.

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