Gaming Controller For Android? Why Not? Here Comes Razer Raiju Mobile The

Gaming Controller For Android? Why Not? Here Comes The Razer Raiju Mobile

Credit: Razer

On Wednesday Razer launched an interesting accessory that will most likely appeal to the hardcore gamer out there: the Razer Raiju Mobile gaming controller. The controller aims to bring more functionality and accuracy to the gameplay, way more than what the conventional on-screen controls are able to provide.

The controller is equipped with an adjustable phone mount that can tilt to 60 degrees and has your standard control sticks, face buttons and D-pad we’re all used to but also features trigger stops and a hair trigger mode for those fun quick-fire moments. The keys and thumb-sticks can be customized in the Razer Android app.

The controller delivers 23 hours of battery life from a single charge too, so you can set in nice and cozy for those long gaming weekend nights.

The Raiju Mobile is compatible not only with the new Razer Phone 2 but also with any phones that run Android 6.0 via Bluetooth or a USB-C plug. If you have a phone with a Micro-USB port, don’t be alarmed – there’s adapters for them as well. Razer promises PC compatibility too, but at a later date – it will basically mean that, once you’re done with playing on your phone you will be able to switch to your PC and use the same controller.

The Razer Raiju Mobile controller will become available later  this year, with a price tag of $150.

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