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Google Is Making Intelligent Toilet Seats And Bathtubs

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Google is putting your toilet to work – no kidding. The company has worked on a patent that will give your bathroom “a brain” of its own #objectmagic

The company is envisioning a toilet seat and bath mats that could monitor your heart rate in the future, thanks to pulsing sensors. Not only that, but the mirror could gauge your blood flow, by analyzing the color of your cheeks. All while you brush your teeth, for example. The bathtub would not sit still, simply doing nothing. While you relax after a hard day at work, this part of the bathroom could use echoing to create ultrasounds.

smart bathroom google

Then, all the data collected would be processed by your smartphone and sent to your doctor. In this way, a specialist could monitor your health and see in time any potential problems. According to the patent, all this would be done in a noninvasive manner.

While getting your pulse monitored when you’re doing private stuff could be as weird as it sounds, at least none of these smart bathroom appliances should disturb your morning activities. By the time you left for work, your doctor would have your profile up to date.

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