Google Maps ‘2020 Timeline Update’ Shows Absolutely Everywhere You've Been
google maps timeline 2020

Google Maps ‘2020 Timeline Update’ Shows Absolutely Everywhere You’ve Been

Just like every year, Google is now sending out an update of all the places you’ve visited so far through the Google Maps timeline.

That is, if you have location services enabled, which means you’re sharing your GPS data.

However, unlike in previous years, most of us stayed indoors and restricted our travels as much as possible, so Google put a small disclaimer in front of their usually upbeat email.

If you want to see exactly how the pandemic-dictated restrictions impacted your habits, the new bar charts are truly amazing. 

“COVID-19 changed the world’s travels in 2020, and how many places people were able to visit. If you were able to travel this year, you can see some of the places you’ve been with the help of this automated Timeline email,” says the company.

What’s in this Google Maps 2020 timeline?

Unlike previous years, there are a lot more stats thanks to a “trends” section, where you can see exactly when and where you spent time this year.

There’s also a very nice feature that shows you just how many miles you traveled, whether by foot, car or public transportation.

For me, personally, it was comforting to see I traveled the equivalent of 20% of the world.

Though I mostly went back and forth between two cities and had day trips here and there, that badge makes it so that my 2020 looks just as activity-filled / globe-trotting as previous years.

You can see all of your stats by visiting this link – it should open up a new tab or the Google Maps app for easy viewing. 

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Google Maps ‘2020 Timeline Update’ Shows Absolutely Everywhere You’ve Been
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