Google Pixel Shipped Early By Mistake

Google Pixel
Reddit: whooparse

If you’re reading us from Australia right now, you’re either going to be jealous of this news or you’re one of the lucky ones we’re going to talk about. It seems that Telstra Australia accidentally shipped several Google Pixel phones one week ahead of the official October 20th distribution date. If no package arrived at your door, read on #mobilemagic

In the heat of the moment, one user got hold of himself and captured a few images during the unboxing.

Google Pixel Unboxing

To make things better, he then proceeded to record how the Google Pixel camera behaved in several conditions, including low light and 4K resolution. 

We’re calling this a bit of a misfortune for Google, but a blessing for users. Just last week, the company announced the phones (Pixel and Pixel XL), so the super fast delivery is almost a miracle.

Have you tested the Google Pixel yourself? What’s your impression? If not, check the video below posted by Reddit user whooparse:

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