Google’s YouTube TV App Removed from the Roku Store
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Google’s YouTube TV App Removed from the Roku Store After Anti-Competitive Demands

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Roku’s email to customers

Google stands firm in the face of the allegations

However, while Google has indeed allowed its distribution agreement to expire for YouTube TV – which ultimately means that with YouTube TV’s removal from Roku’s channel store, new subscribers will no longer have access to it – Roku has assured its customers that it took an “extra step to continue to offer existing subscribers access to YouTube TV on the Roku platform unless Google takes actions that require the full removal of the channel.” 

This means that the expiration of the distribution agreement does not include the regular YouTube app which still remains available for free to existing subscribers on Roku devices. Even so, Roku warned in an email sent on 30 April that, “it is also important that you do not delete the YouTube TV app as it will not be available for download to Roku devices.”

What it means for the end-user

Google’s response came the same day in the form of a blog post which claims that “despite our best efforts to come to an agreement in the best interests of our mutual users, Roku terminated our deal in bad faith amidst our negotiation“ and assures that the company is “committed to ensuring our members continue to have access to YouTube TV and will continue advocating on behalf of our members.” In essence, the programming blackouts that have grown to the status of a standard on cable and satellite TV are moving to the streaming world.

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