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Gudak Camera App Makes You Wait 3 Days To Develop Shots

gudak app

Love the feel of analog shots but spend most of your time shooting with your smartphone? Well, now, you don’t have to decide between the two. Gudak is a mobile app that acts exactly like an analog cam, even making you wait three days to see what shots you’ve managed to take #fotomagic

One month ago, Korean startup Screw Bar approached analog camera apps in a different way. Instead of just providing you with numerous analog-inspired photo filters for digital shots, it challenged users to turn their smartphones in actual analog cams. Let me explain. Upon opening the Gudak app, you’ll notice you’re allowed to take just 24 photos… before waiting 12 hours to start another roll. But that’s not the exciting part. You’re also provided with a tiny viewfinder you’re forced to look through to take an actual photo. There’s no big smartphone display to show bluntly what you’re about to capture.

If that wasn’t a challenge enough, your patience is tested, too. After you’re done shooting, you send your roll to a “Processing Laboratory”. You’ll have to wait 72 hours to get the picture “developed”.  Sure, you can mess with your phone’s time and date if you can’t wait the three-day period… but what’s the fun in that?!

Eventually, all the waiting will pay off. You’ll get nice pics and a pretty cool experience out of this. Gudak is available on App Store now, for $0.99. Expect UI update soon, as developers receive feedback and make necessary tweaks.


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