It’s Happening: We’re Teching Mobile World Congress By Storm


Spreading the word about trends and products is not enough for you. You want more in-depth coverage and this year, we’re heading to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb. 26 – Mar. 1) to accomplish just that.

We will be doing interviews with the biggest brands in the industry, deciphering the technology behind the screens and pointing out the implications of each new breakthrough for you, as well as for the industry, on the whole.

No stone will be left unturned or display untouched – we’ll hunt down the most outstanding phones and coolest mobile accessories. You’ll find us where the most exciting demos unravel, soaking up the novelty and magic of it all.

In our midst, you’ll notice a new (or perhaps very familiar) face. Bringing the same enthusiasm and passion on the grounds, while putting her unique spin on tech, will be Yue Xu, our host.

Yue Xu is an experienced tech reporter based in San Francisco. She was one of the hosts of “The Gadget Show China”, a popular TV show on Shenzhen Satellite, where she tested, reviewed and experienced gadgets throughout Asia.

Shortly after leaving China, Yue joined the cast of the original “Gadget Show,” which is one of the longest running shows on UK television. During her time there, she traveled the world experimenting with cutting edge technology. Yue was one of the first to try out virtual reality before it became a thing.

Since then, she has been a regular at CES and SXSW creating content for forward-thinking brands and is also a judge for CES Asia Innovation Awards. Yue has made appearances on networks such as G4, Nickelodeon, AMC, SyFy, and Discovery just to name a few.

We’ll lead the way through dozens of booths at Mobile World Congress, with Yue at our side, determined to show you the most fascinating, fun, thought-provoking and performant devices set to hit the market this year.

Don’t settle for what yesterday had in store; tech the lead to see what tomorrow will bring! Follow our live coverage of Mobile World Congress 2018 here!

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