The History of iPhone In Four Minutes

iphone history

This year, Apple is celebrating 10 years since the first iPhone hit the market. In 2007, the device shyly made its way on the phone market and so, coined the term smartphone. A decade later, Apple’s earnings and reputation are defined by it. So, what was iPhone’s recipe for success all these years? #mobilemagic

Undoubtedly, iPhone is responsible for Apple’s fame today. In just three years after the company introduced this smart device, 50 million units had sold, doubling their number in the next three. Last year, Apple was celebrating the 1 billionth iPhone sold.

Users jumped at the opportunity to purchase one in 2007 because it brought together a big display, necessary for the touchscreen interface provided and Internet connectivity to not just check your e-mail but browse easily. The second rendition, in 2008, was the one that really gave them the publicity they needed, thanks to the addition of something small they called App Store. The rest is… history, like they say!

Take a look below to see the evolution of the iPhone in the past decade:

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