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The Secret To Breathtaking Landscape Photos

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Nature provides countless sources of inspirations for budding photographers. From the vibrant colors to the peculiar shapes and interesting fauna, it gives artists ready-to-shoot subjects. That means it’s extremely hard to get horrible images when shooting in nature, but you can easily make dozens that don’t speak to your audience. One secret to really take it up a notch in landscape photography is a composition technique named…

Leading lines. It’s nothing too complicated but it is an efficient method to draw the viewer’s attention to some details or objects in the frame.

Simply put, a leading line is one that takes the viewer from one point of the image to another. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to fake it since it can easily be found in your surroundings. Many times you don’t even realize you’ve stumbled upon one.

Leading lines that create a visual journey and give a sense of depth to an image are: roads, pathways, waterfalls, fences, shorelines, streams, even trees, when they are aligned. They can be straight or curved, horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

Depending on the line, you can create these subsequent feelings for the viewer:

  • vertical lines give strength to an object and the overall picture
  • horizontal lines are calming and give a sense of ease
  • diagonal lines are dynamic, make a photo more dynamic
  • curved lines trigger your attention


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