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“X-Wing” Parrot Flies As A Quadcopter AND A Fixed-Wing Drone

Unlike DJI, Parrot is trying to satisfy every need and feed your imagination with all sorts of drones. One of their latest products is a hybrid drone that looks a lot like an X-Wing and combines two flying modes: quadcopter and fixed-wing #actionmagic

Called Swing, the hybrid minidrone takes off vertically and “jumps” from one place to another just like a quadcopter. Tilt the joystick forward though, and you’ll see it flying more like a plane, using its polystyrene wings. The shape (as well as its features) make it more maneuvrable so anyone can pilot it without problem.

According to TechCrunch, Parrot Swing functions via Bluetooth even if you fly it 300 feet above your head. A gamepad comes with it, so you’ll have no problem giving it commands. At $155, we say it’s a pretty neat gift for your kid or even a way to spend your Sundays.

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“X-Wing” Parrot Flies As A Quadcopter AND A Fixed-Wing Drone
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