Indian Tata Super App To Launch This April 7

Indian Tata Super App To Launch This April 7

The time of super apps is here. While Instagram is on its way to offer everything to everyone, Tata Group is getting ready to launch their long-awaited TataNeu this April 7. 

The highly anticipated TataNeu has made headlines for months now, as the Indian giant took its sweet time to get it ready for release. Multiple times the launch had to be delayed due to buggy performance. 

However, it seems that now, Tata Group feels confident enough to introduce it to users and possible investors. 

The company announced the launch date on their Play Store page and expanded on the services it would offer, as well as the rewards. 

It seems that TataNeu will bring together online commerce business BigBasket and e-pharmacy 1Mg as well as give users the opportunity to use it to make payments, secure loans and send money. 

The feature that the group is most excited about is called NeuCoins. These are rewards for people entering their loyalty program, where one NeuCoin is equivalent to one Indian rupee. 

The hope is that it will be enough to entice at least some users to leave Jio Platforms for them.
Our hope is that the team took the time to really refine the app since, not so long ago, TechCrunch was reporting on its abysmal performance: ”But the app is comically buggy, horribly slow and the integrations merely point to different Tata services via an in-app browser — sometimes with the desktop view on a phone.”

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Indian Tata Super App To Launch This April 7
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