Instagram Lets You Put URL Links And Boomerangs In Stories

Instagram Stories URL Links

It’s not a dream, folks. Instagram is finally offering content creators a chance to convert fans in customers/readers. While Instagram is still not allowing the addition of URL links in posts, it will admit their integration with Stories #mobilemagic

The popular mobile app for photo sharing has included the addition of URL links, Boomerangs and tags of friends in their latest update, released today. Don’t be fooled by their sudden openness – viewers will be able to see that linked content without leaving the app. By tapping on a button, a browser will open within the app showing them the web page specified.

The link can only be added after the Story (photo or video) is created and it will appear as a “See More” button to keep the media clean and beautiful. Don’t worry, Instagram will take care of inappropriate links before they get published.

Here comes the bad part: this feature will be available to verified accounts only so it may never reach all users… This means celebrities, music or video creators and publishers. It’s still a step in the good direction – now, only sponsored posts can provide links to external sites.

Instagram’s update will also allow for friend tagging. Just by typing @ and the first letters of a name, suggestions of friends will pop up. Once you select one, the username will appear on your Story and stick there, unlike links. Everyone will have access to this feature.

Last but not least, the Boomerang feature you’re surely curious about. Before this day, you had to leave the Instagram app and create a Boomerang in a separate application. Now, Instagram lets you create a one-second video in a Story without leaving the app. This is also available to all users, starting today.

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