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IOFIT Intelligent Shoes Correct Your Posture Better Than Any Exercise or Fancy Desk

A standing desk, an ergonomic chair and fitness exercises are traditional solutions to bad posture and back pain from staying all day at the computer. Unfortunately, the results are seen much later and only with proper dedication. One startup coming out of  Samsung’s C-Lab, Salted Ventures, decided to make the process easier and developed a pair of shoes that can correct a person’s posture with little to no effort from their part.

The fitness wearable is called IOFIT and it was built with golfers in mind, since they rely most on posture when trying to hit a hole-in-one. Nevertheless, the pressure sensors inside these smart shoes can visualize and improve balance and posture regardless of the type of activity. It can be a great accessory if you like weight lifting, cross training or it can make a difference when you’re simply walking the dog.

The IOFIT app is able to offer real-time information on your balance during the workout, evaluation and exercising advice, just like a real coach would. If you have a personal trainer, this app can even share your performance with him so you can further improve your balance and overall health.

Of course, the shoes are going to be seen live at the Mobile World Congress this February, since Salted Ventures is on the lookout for a partner from the sports world.


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