Hulu Is Teaming Up With Cortana To Help You Binge-Watch Your Favorite Series

hulu on windows 10

Hulu is following in Microsoft’s steps, by launching a universal Windows 10 application. The new app will bring Cortana along and your favorite series in a row.

For starters, Cortana is the master of ceremony; tell it what you want to see and it shall be done. If you hit pause, the Hulu app will resume the episode where you left off either on the computer or on a different device like your phone. Once you’re done watching it, it shall play automatically the next one in queue, making binge-watching easier than ever.

There are some important changes, clearly, enough to make you curious but not enough to confuse you. When you open the Start menu in Windows 10, you’ll see the app suggesting some shows instead of tiles, making sure you’re never too far away from your addictive series. Once you choose a couple of favorite ones, you can pin them to the menu. This way, you’ll access them easily, whenever you want.

See for yourself the new app in the Windows Store.

photo: VentureBeat

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