It Won't Be Plastic or Glass: Here's What Pixel 5 Will Be Made Of

It Won’t Be Plastic or Glass: Here’s What Pixel 5 Will Be Made Of

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! Hmm, not really Barbie. To be honest, a plastic back Pixel 5 would have disappointed, so we’re happy to hear that won’t be the case. Will Google launch a glass body for its flagship, then? Not exactly.

Instead, the company will go with aluminum, 100% recycled aluminum that is – good choice, Google. And that’s not gonna be just the material for the frame of the smartphone, but for the entire rear cover, the latest rumors show.

So, are we looking at a phone without wireless charging? Potentially, if the designers didn’t think of a cutout.

As for the colors, an all-black device is a certainty while a “sorta sage” smartphone is just rumored, but not confirmed right now. From the pics we’ve seen shared by Roland Quandt on Twitter, that kind-of sage, one of the hip colors right now in interior design, is really eye-catching.

Finally, Google is branching out of the white-black combo. Honestly, I prefer the sage to the coral one; it shows the company has taken into account both trends and a certain discretion grown-ups want in a smart device.

As for the rest of the specs? You should know Pixel 5 is going to run on a Snapdragon 765G, so 5G is a given. Google supposedly preferred to skip the 865 chip from Qualcomm to reduce costs and go for a better price point. Google Pixel 5 is said to go for $699 – still find it pricey?

Here are the extra things Pixel 5 is going to offer users this fall:

If It Has a Camera, We Know Something About It.

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