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Japanese Scientists Created Artificial Skin That Can Grow Hair


Japanese scientists made a breakthrough at the end of March by creating artificial skin that can actually grow hair and release sweat! #todaymagic

It’s not the first time researchers grow skin in ther lab for burned victims and other patients in need of skin transplants but it is the first time a patch of skin features 3 layers, as the human skin has.

Moreover, the skin grown at RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology functions properly, growing in its turn hair follicles and developing sweat glands. Inserted in mice, it showed it can adapt to existent muscle fibers and nerves perfectly, working as the real deal.

At this rhythm, RIKEN team hopes to find soon a way to create human tissue from human cells in order to realistically help those who suffer from skin diseases. For now, the Japanese researchers believe their lab-grown skin can serve cosmetic purposes, replacing the need for animals in beauty trials.

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