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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Factory Could Help People Travel In Space In 2018

blue origin founder Jeff Bezos is more than optimistic that his latest hardware advancements will send people to outer space in two years.

In a recent presentation to press at Blue Origin headquarters, Bezos revealed his plans for space commercialization in the near future, to the point where people could live or travel to work in space. Whole industries could be moved there, leaving Earth to sustain residences and light industrial companies. “We’ll make the microprocessors in space, and then we’ll send the little tiny bits to Earth,” Bezos explained.

Space is the future according to Amazon boss, the place where we could draw resources for industrial needs, reducing pollution on Earth.

“I say we need space to make sure nothing bad happens to the Earth. Plan B is, make sure Plan A works”

Blue Origin’s orbital vehicle could start flying from the Florida launch facility by 2020, if all goes well. It could very well send people to the ISS or other exotic destinations. Meanwhile, the New Shepard suborbital rocket ship is tested and prepped to send humans in space as soon as possible. Later this year, it will start carrying scientific payloads without humans aboard. The ones who will cross the ship’s threshold first will be test passengers, qualified personnel, before Bezos accepts any commercial flights. He does assume, though, that by 2018 this will happen.

Trips aboard New Shepard will limit seat numbers at 6 and will reach 62 miles in altitude. Civilians will get a view of Earth and space through 3-foot-high windows and will be allowed to experience zero gravity for a couple of minutes.

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